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Oh Da Yoo-Pee, Eh?

5 Aug

My best friend has been on me for 12 years to go with her to visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, residence of her grandmother, supposedly excellent beach camping, and not too many bugs (knock knock). Turns out, it’s also home to a few breweries, fancy that! We’re looking at 78 and sunny with lows in the low 50s, I think that’s pretty choice.

We set out from Chicago Wednesday afternoon and head north, through the Land of Cheese, past the home of the much-reviled Green Bay Packers where we will offer our own special salute, and into Iron Mountain, MI where we will hopefully find something to do after seven or eight hours on the road. Come Friday, we head north to Houghton, location of Keweenaw Brewing and The Library. I won’t lie to you, I’m trying to convince her to get there via the long way, through Marquette, home of two other breweries, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen this trip.

Speaking of trips, I’m slowly amassing a list of breweries throughout the continental US for a massive, long-term road trip in 2015. I’ll be in need of your suggestions and connections as time approaches, so please send them along as you think of them (though if you want to find me on Pinterest, do, and send them there since I have a board going).

I’ll report back. High hopes for the Yoopers, I’m sure they know something about drinking.

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